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‘It’s Where Your Pets Would Shop’

Although Pet Essentials Limited was formed in March 2002, the original directors were made up of an existing group of Pet Store Franchise owners who had already been working in their stores for many years.  All Pet Essentials stores are individually owned and operated and are mostly still operating under their original owners/management, with Wanganui, operating since 1995 and the newest being the Hastings store which opened June 2009.

Originally no Pet Essentials stores carried pets of any form, however with the changing times, so has the need for stores to grow in different areas.   A number of Pet Essentials stores are now selling pets and fish.

Because all stores are individually owned, products in the stores can vary, however most of the stores have access to the same suppliers and should there be a product you require please ask.

Meats have always been a specialty line at Pet Essentials where customers can choose from many combinations of minces, meats & bones.  Beef, steak & kidney, chicken, mutton, fish, liver and even venison are meats commonly found in stores, although meats can be seasonal so stocks can vary from time to time.  

Meat Processing Plant:  Pet Essentials stores are very fortunate to have access to meats processed especially for them by a meat processing plant that is owned by a group of Pet Essentials store owners.  Most stores take advantage of this although some do process their own meats onsite.  Having total control over this area of their business has helped Pet Essentials with consistency, quality control and delivery problems.

Dog roll manufacturing plant:  The owners of another store also own a dog roll manufacturing plant, this again eliminates many problems that can be associated with this type of product.  Pet Essentials are very proud of their dog-rolls, which contain a large portion of meat, unlike many rolls available, that contain fillers and water.  With 3 different rolls available they are a popular dogroll.   Many customers choose to either freeze the whole roll or slice them into meal sized portions and free-flow them in the freezer for easy convenient feeding.

Group Advantages: By being part of such a large group, the benefits to Pet Essentials customers is quite significant.  With the ability to bulk buy, Pet Essentials have the advantage of being able to negotiating deals with suppliers, bringing new products, specials, deals and promotions into the stores on a regular basis. 

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Pet Essentials has been and is currently owned locally and there are no plans to change that,  We have been supported by a fantastic local customer base for years and we hope that continues for years to come! read more >

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